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Aino Ackté’s chamber music festival 

The publicly beneficial and non-profit organization Aino Acktén huvilan ystävät ry. was founded in 2009 to continue the cultural activity in opera singer Aino Ackté’s villa, after the Helsinki Cultural Office abandoned it and the cultural activities because of cost-cutting. The historically valuable villa, with wonderful acoustics, is situated in Helsinki’s Laajasalo, in the middle of a big, beautiful park by the sea. In spring 2011, severe moisture damage was discovered in the villa, rendering it unusable. The cultural activities had to be moved to an alternate location.

The protected house is still awaiting renovation.

In 2015 the Aino Ackté Chamber Festival is organized in the Agricola Club, in the north wing of Mikael Agricola’s church at the address Tehtaankatu 23. The Chamber Festival includes classical and easy listening music, chamber music, Lied, fado, jazz, flamenco and folk music, and also poetry recitals, room theater, children’s culture and philosophy. The art gallery features a changing art exhibition. The artistic director of the organization is dance and recitation artist Suvi Olavinen.



Tuesday 31.5.2016, 19:00

Four Hands Piano Recital

Pianists Jenni Lappalainen and Eero Heinonen will perform the rarely...

Wednesday 1.6.2016, 19:00

Aino Venna

Tin Roof is Aino Vennas second album, which was released...

Thursday 2.6.2016, 19:00

Kujala & Pietilä Treatment

As the sovereign virtuosos of their instruments, as well as...

Tuesday 7.6.2016, 19:00

Helena Lindgren & Jorma Uotinen: Forbidden games – songs about love, longing, beauty

Lindgren and Uotinen have performed together and captivated the audience...